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Jean Ziegler, a portrait

He is regarded as the voice of the poor and feared by those in power. With his books „Switzerland washes whiter“, „The Empire of Shame“ or „The Hatred of the West“, he has caused many controversies in the western world and has brought some uncomfortable truths to a wide audience. Prof. Jean Ziegler ... »Continue

Never Without A Turban – The Sikhs Of Novellara

The Sikhs have their origins in the border areas between India and Pakistan. For the average European they are likely to represent the „typical Indian“: long beard, dark eyes and the traditional colourful turban. In Novellara, a small provincial town in Emilia Romagna, they built their largest temple in Europe – a fascinating place of worship. minet broadcast: 28.05.2009 »Continue

Arbëreshë - An Albanian Minority in Southern Italy

During the Easter celebrations in 2009, minet met some members of the Arbëresh community in Calabria. In many villages throughout … »Continue

Zahre – A German Language Enclave in the Carnic Alps

Sauris/Zahre effectively consists of two villages: Sauris di Sotto/Unterzahre and Sauris di Sopra/Oberzahre. These two villages form the German language … »Continue

The Gypsy Princess Luminita Mihai Cioaba – Roma Life in Romania

The Roma writer Luminita Mihai Cioaba was born in 1957 and has lived in Sibiu, in Romania, since 1963. It … »Continue

Amikejo – An Esperanto State in the Heart of Europe

Amikejo used to be a place of friendship, and in many ways it still is. Today it is known as … »Continue

Occitan in Italy – The Small Village of Guardia Piemontese

Minet had good reasons for visiting a small village in Calabria – it is one of the very few places … »Continue

Minority Anthems – A Music Archive in Vienna

A unique collection of minority anthems can be found at the University of Performing Arts and Music in Vienna, at … »Continue

The Principality of Seborga

This report takes us to Liguria, to the small village of Seborga, or should we say, the principality of Seborga. … »Continue

The Dard People – A Minority in the Northwest of India

The Ladakh region is known for its outstanding beauty, for its mountains, its Tibetan-Buddhist culture. The region is also referred … »Continue

Friulian in Friuli – A Language with Hip-Hop Accents

Friulian is spoken by about half a million people in the Friuli, and it is recognised as an official language … »Continue

Rebiya Kadeer – Il nemico pubblico cinese N° 1

Su invito dell’Associazione per i popoli  minacciati e dell’EURAC nel gennaio del 2010 è giunta a Bolzano in visita ufficiale … »Continue

The Walser at the foot of the Monte Rosa

Near the Swiss border, in today’s Autonomous Region of Aosta, Walser people have lived for centuries. During the Middle Ages, … »Continue